12 Date Night Ideas In Red Deer

Updated: May 13, 2021

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Red Deer is located in Central Alberta. It is a famous city occupied by over a hundred thousand people. It is also home to various types of wildlife, shrubbery species as well as a plethora of tree. There are numerous kinds of activities that one can do in Red Deer. Listen carefully to what you will experience if you happen to tour Red Deer.

This beautiful town is full of fun and cute date ideas. You might not have thought about touring the best places in Red Deer if you were too busy sipping a glass of wine from your favorite joint. You may come from BC, but it is essential to know what Albertans love doing.

In Red Deer, you will come across a lot of bales of hay and herd of cattle. Red Deer offers several activities other than the sporting activities and bottles of whiskey; you will find people hiking around the town while others will be doing yoga in the park.

You may be too tired to think of the best place to go on a movie date or usual dinner. Worry no more! This article will explain to you other areas you can have fun other than the usual places. The places that are discussed will offer you a fantastic Red Deer experience. The following are the exceptional 12 Date Nights Red Deer boasts of.

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It is essential walking through this farmer’s market alongside your date holding hands, eating some delicious snacks like ice cream and donuts. The market is always open on Saturdays starting from 8 AM in the morning till 12:30 PM noon. The benefit of having a date on this place is that it will cost you zero dollars. This place is situated in 4214 58 street.


Be ready to crack your ribs in this unique area. Comedy skits are essential in releasing and shaking off the first date anxieties. Therefore, the actors here offers the best skits to give Red Beer abs persons the best comedy show. It will only cost you nineteen dollars. Ensure to visit this place to laugh out loudly. Find this place at 4816 50 avenues.

3. JUMP 360

The area is located at 6833 66 street, and it is among the best places to visit with your other half. The facility boasts of a wall to wall trampolines, full-court rentals that can be used for dodgeball as well as a foam pit. The price is customer-friendly as they ask for $16 per hour and then an extra $50 per hour for the entire court.

4. Color Me Mine

Located at 2085 50 avenues, Color Me Mine is the ideal place to paint ceramics with your sweetheart. You will have the final decision on what to paint. Seeing each other’s paint is the best thing to see after having lunch together. The cost depends on various pieces, but you will not have to pay for fire and studio charges.

5. Lazer Force

It is a fun place located at 5239 53 avenues. It is advisable to wear black when touring this place to take advantage of the black light action. It will cost you $8.50 per head.

6. Red Deer Shooting Centre

Everyone would like to be a good shooter like James Bond. It is the ideal place to achieve this shooting tactic. A shooting range is a right way of relaxing the mind and body. Call the reception department for reservations.

7. Float in Red Deer River

It is the ideal summer destination. Visit Red Deer River hand in hand with your lover. Carry with you a tan and a book to experience the serene environment. You can also swim on the show of the river. The experience will be truly beautiful! You can try canoeing if you are not a floating lover. There is no cost incurred as you will have to carry your floating device.

8. Experience Live Music at Bo’s Place

It is situated in 2310 50 avenues. Live music is essential in boosting our energy and feeling. Be ready to experience some fantastic live music if you visit Bo’s Bar and Grill. The musicians are always booked in advance. Ensure to check on their website their upcoming shows and events. The cost is not fixed as it differs on every play.

9. The Wood Shed Axe

It is located on the 56 Cuendet along Industrial Way. Here, you will experience the tension of throwing axes at set targets. It is similar to throwing darts. You can also master the art of throwing axes by joining competitive events with experienced instructors. Call the customer care for bookings.

10. Heritage Lunch

It is also an ideal place to visit on your date when in Red Deer. There are various activities here, such as ranch tracker, trail rides, carriage rides, as well as walking along the trees.

11. Gaetz Lake Sanctuary

It is mostly accessed via the Kerry Wood Nature Centre. While here with your bae, you will enjoy the calmness of nature as you watch for muskrats and beaver, ducks and deer.

12. Corn Maze at Kraay Family Farmstead

It is a 20-minute drive from the city. There are various activities other than the corn maze. Watch out for the famous cannoli from sweet Capone’s.

This article was written by our staff here at Red Deer Windows & Doors

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Downtown Red Deer is a lot of fun!

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