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How To Fix Broken Glass Window

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Is your window broken, are you having a problem with dual glazed permanent window fog or any other problem? If so, here is some of the most accessible instruction you can use to remove scratches from the glass window, replace glass pane and many more.

Glass windows tend to stay for a long time without replacement or having any scratches if well taken care of; however, sometimes accidents happened like baseball going through it and beaks. Here are some of the steps you can use for replacing, repairing of condensation and scratches between glazed dual panels.

How to Replace Window Glass

It is straightforward to repair a shattered or cracked on pane unusually if its small. For double glazing or large panes(or other performance that are high for glass), it will be wise to call a dearer. You have to order for the individual pane in worst cases before removing the old one out for replacement.

First, carefully remove the broken glass to avoid being injured. Take a duct tape for closes hatch and tape the cracked glass while you are working to prevent its shards from falling. Always wear heavy gloves and safety glasses whenever you are working with glass for your safety.

If it’s possible you can repair the outside using a standing ladder. Nevertheless, if it is on an upper story, for your safety remove sash first. But it is better if you can call a pro to help to replace it.

Try to buy same window pane as the original one when replacing, so that it can match other windows or panes in your room (it might be hard especially if you have an older home). Tell the dealer to try and match the shard you have with other features or any coating to make it compatible.

Be extra careful when handling glass whether a small piece or a large on. Tape newspaper inside the sash before removing broken one so that it can’t catch any fragments. Pad also your glass before or after storing it in a newspaper. Window glass cannot usually be recycled, so you should dispose of the fragments in the regular trash you use very carefully.

Wood Windows

You may need a glazing compound (putty) when installing a new pane so that it can hold a glass in a wood window. Also, to glazer’ small metal points clips are needed that will push 4 to 6 inches into the wood. Pliers of the long nose, putty knife, 5-in-1 tool, a chisel, safety glasses, masking tape, a hammer, newspaper, glass cutter and small paintbrush is needed for a job to be completed.

Chisel out all old putty after removing broken glasses (soften with a heat gun or soak it with linseed oil if its hard to come out). A long-nose plier is for removing old glazier’s points. Sand and clean the wood, and use the wood sealer to coat it well.

Use your fingers to press putty rope around the opening and make a bed with the putty knife for a new pane to fit. Remove excess putty after you have put pane in place. Use a putty knife to push glazier’s points into flame.

Now you can apply enough putty until it forms a tidy seal around pane. Paint a matching color with other windows after it has dried. This will make it look as good as new again. You can also repaint other windows to look same.

Metal or Vinyl Windows

Vinyl or metal sash window is held together with clip for metal spring, plastic or metal molding, or rubber seal. You can be able to reglaze this type of window by removing retain parts of the glass, pulling them out, inserting new ones with matching size into the sash and then replace parts that hold it carefully.

Frist, unscrew two halves sash for a secure replacement using a rubber seal and remove the inside one. After brushing out old fragments, place a new glass against one-half of a sash, replace the other half and secure parts of a band with the screw, and locked the end.

If you want to replace your pane in snap-out molding sash, loosen one end by inserting tips of the putty knife where the two parts meet. Gently, try using the frame for power. Now you can pull out loosened molding strip. Use your hands to push each piece of molding into place after replacing it.

Window Condensation Problem

Windows are the most cooling surface within a house; it is easy for them to collect abbreviation in winter when there is warm air indoors and low temperature outdoor. These weather conditions may cause window sills and frames to rot by encouraging mildew and mold.

To reduce abbreviation, you can increase ventilation by using kitchen fans and bathroom fans, which will make a huge difference. Also to reduce humidity level inside you have to keep short showers and run full loads only on dishwashers and washers.

Contact insulation contractor if the above things will not work out well for him to install for you. (see also Dehumidifiers Buying Guide.) Glazing has to be replaced if condensation will form between thermal glass panes, this is because there is no way, or cost effective can be able to remove it.

The best way out is to buy quality thermal panes which are backed by at least ten years warranty. One of them is “IGCC approved,” a guarantee given by Insulating Glass Certification Council out.

This video here shows how failed dual glazed window pane is replaced.

Scratched Glass or Old Compound

You can use a clear nail polisher to an unsightly scratch in a window by trying to reapplying it. Use a nail polisher remover to remove excess with the clean cloth. This can take a lot of shove grease, and this can be a risk of building tiny rough scratches.

Old glazing complex sometimes can become stiff and will fall out. If that happens, air will try to leak in, and window panes can fall out or worse. You can see the wood window above for replacement of glazing compound.

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