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Easy and Inexpensive Christmas Window Decoration Ideas

Come holiday season and you already feel the joy of decorating your house with beautiful décor. While the interiors of the house offer ample space to decorate, many overlook windows when it comes to Christmas décor. Windows are ideal to display the festive glimpse of your home, that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are 15 easy and inexpensive Christmas window decoration ideas that you can consider this holiday season.

Place a Christmas tree just a few meters away from your window. Make this window the focal point by using lots of warm and multicolored lights. So now, not only are you enjoying the tree from inside the house but offering a delightful sight to your neighbors as well.

You can keep your décor simple by winding the fairy lights around the border of your window.

Buy small red candles and illuminate your windows with them. If there is room for some more, then try different sizes of red candles.

Hang metallic, glittery ornaments in your windows. This will brighten up your room in no time.

If you have kids, display their Christmas-related crafts on the windowsill for a decorative touch.

Employ the windowsill by decorating them with miniature snow-covered houses and tiny trees. For the snow-effect, use cotton.

For that minimalist look, line your windowsill with decorative branches; all white. Simple yet classy!

Hang stockings in the window frame, especially if you don't have a mantel.

Hang greenery directly in front of the windows and dress it up with red ribbons. You can also hang miniature lanterns on the ribbons and add golden fairy lights inside them.

If you have wide or huge windows, then adorn them with paper snowflakes.

What better place to show off your presents than by the window? Stack them in various sizes and place them on the windowsills. This idea is useful if you are running out of space under the Christmas tree.

If you have a window seat, then place a festive fabric over it. Now, grab some matching pillows and keep them on either side of the seat. Consider finishing this look with a mini wreath in the top center of the window.

Deck your windows with Christmas trimmings for the ultimate décor. Make use of your usual and inexpensive trimmings.

Christmas feels incomplete without candles. Keep some pine branches on the windowsill and place a white candle amidst them.

You can paint Santa Claus, reindeers, or bells on your window with removable paint.

These were some affordable yet creative and amazing ideas you can use to make this season all the more Christmassy. These ideas will undoubtedly remove all the drab away from your windows this holiday season!

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