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How To Keep Cats Away From Blinds

Cats love to observe nature and get extremely agitated when something gets in their way, especially blinds! Cats absolutely hate it when the shades are drawn and wiggle behind them to reach the warm sunlight. When cats can't find their way around them, they end up clawing your blinds. To help you with this dilemma as a cat owner, we will discuss ways to prevent your cat from ripping the blinds, shades that you should avoid, and the most suitable ones you can invest in.

Alternatives To Keep Cats From Damaging Your Blinds

Take a look at some options you can opt for in order to safeguard the blinds from the snatches of your cat.

Wrap The Cords Around The Cleats

Cats love playing with dangling objects like the cables of the blinds. Not only does this damage the cords but also poses a threat to your cat of getting tangled in them. So it is a great idea to wrap the cables; or even better, go for cordless blinds.

Spray Blinds With Citrus

Cats have a strong aversion to the smell of citrus and avoid the areas with such aromas. So you can spray citrus around the blinds to keep cats away from your shades.

Leave The Blinds Open

The easiest and most efficient solution is to simply leave the blinds open. Cats can then gaze out of the window while you can save your blinds without spending a penny.

Opt For Curtains

Curtains are not rigid and allow cats to pass around seamlessly. However, you must be warned that curtains may attract cat fur and dust. You can thus consider picking low-cost curtains that can be machine washed and replaced affordably.

Particulars Of Blinds That Cat Owners Should Avoid

While the previous points may help you keep your blinds safe, there are some blinds that you should avoid as a cat owner. Here are some of them.

Corded Blinds

As mentioned earlier, cats love playing with cords which can cause irreversible damage, both to the cords and the cat. To avoid cord damages and any strangulation hazards to the cat, it is best to go for cordless or motorized blinds.

Woven Wood Blinds

Blinds made of woven wood, such as bamboo blinds and matchstick blinds, act as scratching posts to the cats. Your beloved pet may claw and leave marks in no time if you buy these braided wood blinds for your windows. Not to forget that natural wood blinds are pretty expensive and any damage caused by cats can leave a hole in your pocket.

Fabric Blinds

The combination of cats and shades made of fabric is a big no-no. The fabric will not be able to withstand the cat’s claws and tear up. Not only will this ruin the aesthetics but the only solution you will end up with will be to replace the blinds.

Aluminum Blinds

Even when open, the aluminum blinds prevent the cats from watching outside the window. Therefore, cats pull and bend the aluminum slats. Since they are prone to bending and breakage, aluminum blinds are the worst investments for a cat owner. Furthermore, your cat may also get stuck in the blinds.

Most Suitable Choices Of Blinds For Cat Owners

Now that you know which blinds to avoid, there are certain alternatives of blinds that are most suitable for cat owners. These blinds serve as an excellent investment if you own cats. Some of these are mentioned below.

Vertical Blinds

In the case of these blinds, slats run vertically and open sideways. They allow the cats to easily slide behind the slats and enjoy the scenery outside. The best part with vertical blinds is that if cats chew the louvers, you can get individual replacements. You will not have to buy new blinds and waste money.

Interior Shutters

These are sturdy and therefore, can withstand the attack from cats. The best part is that interior shutters and cost-effective and durable, in addition to having an elegant look.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are prepared with a combination of superior grade paper and polyester. They smooth shades roll up and let your furry pet slip behind without damaging the shades. Additionally, it is easier to vacuum the cat hair if it rubs against the textured fabric of the blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds

These kinds of blinds have wide slats through which cats can easily stare at the outside view. Also, there is less impact of scratching, bending, and clawing on faux blinds. Even if your cat manages to damage them, you can replace the slats at a smaller price. Since they are moisture-resistant and less likely to fall apart under the onslaught by cats, faux wood blinds are worth the investment.


As a cat owner, you are now aware of how to keep your cat from blinds, the best shades to invest in and the ones to avoid. While catproofing your windows, it is also important to buy blinds made of premium quality, such as those provided by Red Deer Windows & Doors.

Be it Vertical blinds, Roller Shades, Shutters, or Vinyl Blinds, RDWD has it all made of top-notch material. In addition to availing durable products, you can also enjoy lifetime warranty on their products, which is particularly beneficial for you as a cat parent. If you are still confused about the type of blinds you should go for, RDWD experts will help you find one via a free consultation. To say goodbye to clawed blinds, call 403.348.6433 or request a quote by filling a quick form.

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