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How to Improve Your Wellbeing With Natural Light

Natural light is considered to be one of the most crucial aspects in enhancing our wellbeing. While basking in sunlight was a part of our ancestor’s daily routine, today, we spend most of our time indoors and are more dependent on artificial light. Decreased sunlight exposure not only affects our psychological and physical health but as well as our overall productivity.

Health Benefits Of Natural Light

When you expose your body to sunlight, you do not suffer from vitamin D deficiency. It boosts your serotonin level, which makes you happier. Furthermore, sunlight helps those with anxiety and depression. Getting some sun also wards off Seasonal Affective Disorder- a type of depression that is related to changes in the seasons. You will often notice that those whose career demands outdoor activities tend to be healthier than those stuck indoors in front of computers. All in all, you will see an improved sleep cycle, circadian rhythm, immunity, focus, mood, and overall wellbeing. The importance of sunlight is such that phototherapy is included in combination with most of the treatments today.

Ways To Increase Exposure To Sunlight

Now that you are aware of how natural light can improve your wellbeing, let’s look at some ways to get more exposure to it. The majority of the population spends around 90% of their time indoors. Work-from-home and lockdowns have aggravated this situation. While going out more often is always the standard solution to getting more sunlight, you can also consider customizing your living space to get that much-needed natural light. Here are some ways to increase exposure to sunlight in order to enhance your well-being.

Use Outdoor Spaces All-Round The Year

Go for walk during lunch break for about 5-10 minutes. You can have your breakfast near the window or on your balcony. Rearrange your balcony/ spaces near your window so it attracts you to spend more time there. For instance, you can consider adding plants and a cozy chair to your balcony.

Provide A Direct Source Of Sunlight With Skylights

If your budget allows, install skylights in rooms with just a roof above them. Ideally, choose rooms which have high traffic such as kitchen and family rooms. In addition to being a direct source of natural light, skylights also reduce your monthly bills. If your room does not have direct access to the roof, then you opt for solar tubes. Solar tubes are reflective pipe twists that can bring natural light from the roof to your room.

Add Reflective Items In Your Room

Adding reflective items like mirrors helps light to bounce around the room. Make sure to place the mirrors across the window for maximum illumination and infinite reflections. Other reflective sources could be metal light fixture framing, metallic wallpaper, and polished marble floors.

Pay Attention To Your Windows

The more windows you have, the more light can penetrate. Keep them open during the day to let as much light in as possible. Most importantly, ditch the blackout curtains. You can rather opt for curtains that are lightweight and light-colored. Install large windows in rooms where you spend most of your time. Also, consider investing in sidelights and transom windows to your main door or patio doors.

To control natural light with custom windows, get in touch with Red Deer Windows & Doors. Red Deer Windows & Doors is a reputed company with experts who will guide you to the right windows for your home. You can request a free onsite consultation and enjoy a hassle-free installation. You can choose from a myriad of windows and styles that will not only increase the sunlight penetrating your rooms but also enhance your interiors.

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