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Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home This Summer

Perking up your curb appeal does not take a major revamp, nor does it require a hefty budget!

You can boost the house’s exterior with a dash of creativity and make your property look more

appealing. Moreover, these low-cost curb improvements can be done within a day. Whether

you are trying to impress a potential homebuyer or looking forward to making a great first

impression on your guests, the following tips can help you add curb appeal to your home

effortlessly this summer.

1. Painting A Bold Front Door

The front door is the focal point of the curb appeal. So make it a statement by giving it a

fresh coat of color. You can choose a bold hue or stick to the classic charcoal or black.

You can also install a wood door and use metal polish on the door fixtures.

2. Planting Colorful Pots

Colorful pots give a vibrant appearance to the whole premise. Go for blooms that have

contrasting colors as that of your house. For instance, if you own a redbrick house, avoid

pink blooms right next to it. If you have a white house, then blue, purple, and even

green stand out the best. While picking the plants, make sure to stick to just two hues

that contrast with the exterior paint of your house instead of going overboard.

3. Building An Aesthetic Fence

Fences contribute significantly to making or breaking the look of the property. For a

warm and inviting vibe, invest in a pocket fence. A wrought iron fence goes well with

Georgian or any stately architecture. If you have a craftsman-style house, then choose a

simple wooden fence with diagonal cuts.

4. Growing Climbing Vines

Give your house a storybook feel by growing climbing vines near the entrance. There are

a plethora of vines to select from, such as the climbing roses, star jasmine, or Jackson

vine. But choose wisely since some vines are tougher to train and maintain than others.

Some, like the climbing hydrangea, can cling on their own and look beautiful even when

they lose their leaves.

5. Adding Wood And Stone Elements

Natural and sustainable elements like bricks, stone, and wood look neat and chic.

Though it is impractical to construct your entire house with these costly materials, you

can add pops of these elements all over. Doing so will seamlessly make your property

stand out in the neighborhood.

Apart from these, you can consider replacing the mailbox, updating the hardware, adding

window boxes, and designing a creative pathway. Most importantly, pick the right colors and

concentrate on the doors and windows as they can do wonders in increasing the curb appeal

and transforming the appearance of your home. A professional can also be instrumental in

helping you do so and bringing your vision of adding curb appeal into a reality. For advice and professional help on getting new doors and windows to add appeal, contact RDWD and schedule a free consultation. Red Deer Windows and Doors is among the trusted companies and can assist you with that oomph factor for your house. So go ahead and call RDWD on 403.348.6433 and take the first step towards adding curb appeal to your home this summer.

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