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How To Open A Garage Door With Broken Cable

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

broken garage door cable falling off the spool
Broken Garage Door Cables Suck!

Have you ever tried to open a garage door that had broken springs? If so you may have hurt your back. It is not easy to do. If you have a garage, you may find yourself lifting up the doors several times a day and rolling the door up as many times. Take a second to think about how a garage works. The garage door is made up of parts that work together that each have a specific function. If something is not working right, the task of opening the door can become challenging. The garage door spring is under pressure each time the door is lifted up. These springs have a lot of tension and if there is something that will stop them from recoiling than it can lead to a dangerous situation. If the cables break, you are at risk for getting seriously injured. In this case, you will have more to worry about than just a broken garage door.

There are some different types of garage door cables, and it will vary based on the spring system that your door uses. If your garage door uses torsion springs than there are torsion cables with a loop at one end and the other end has a crimped device to stop it. The cables need to be wound up in a certain way. Some extensions springs go along the sides of the door. These springs need individual extension spring cables. There are also safety cables that are used in addition to the extension springs. They go through the middle of the spring. These cables will prevent you from being hurt if the springs snap for some reason. It is risky to go messing with the door when you know there is an issue with the springs.

Garage door cables are critical. They are made from metal and designed to be healthy and durable. They also are made to be flexible since they will be pulled and lowered using a pulley system. The cable will be wound up and unwound at the drum on the top of the door as it is opened and closed. While these cables are active, it does not mean they cannot break. A broken cable can stop the garage door from functioning correctly. If the spring happens to snap and the cable was not in the correct place the spring may fly off and cause a great deal of damage. Someone can even be killed if this happens. Paying attention to the garage door cables is essential. If they are broken or damaged you need to contact a professional for repairs. They are trained to safely repair the garage door and any issues with the cables.

Problems with the garage door cables

There are several different things that can go wrong with the cables. Some cables wind around the drum incorrectly causing the door to jam. The door may droop on one side, and it will stick when it is lowered. Cables may unwind improperly and will need to be connected again. The pulleys may also wear out. The cable will not be able to go through the pulley, and the door may become stuck. The pulley may need to be replaced if this happens.

The garage door cable may break. Cables become old and may become worn out. Cables will wear and tear like anything else. They will become weak over time. Rust can also affect the cables. Rust leads to corrosion and can eat through the cable. Frying is another problem with garage door cables. This can cause the cable to snap. Image a rope. It is made of small units of rope that are all wound together. The cables of the garage door work in a similar manner. There are many cables put together to make a thick and robust cable. If the little cables begin to break this will affect the other cables and lead to a break. A broken cable is a huge problem. A certified garage door repair company should be called in to handle this problem.

How to Prevent a Cable from breaking

If you take care of your garage door and the cables you should be able to tell if there is a problem. The cables are determined by how much the door weights and how long they need to be. If the door is heavy and if it is made from wood, thick cables are going to be needed. These doors will also need heavier springs and thicker cables. The length of the door will also affect the types of springs that are used. Torsion springs are only a spring or two that are located at the top of the garage door. This spring will require the use of a smaller cable. Extension springs need a longer cable. The cable will need to be long enough to go from the bottom of the garage door and up to the top of both sides of the door. These cables will wrap around the drum at the top on each side when the door opens.

Check your garage door cables and look for any signs of fraying or kinks. When you are inspecting the cables, check the pulleys as well. They can become worn out too. If you find a fray follow it to see if you can find what is causing the damage. There may be something you can remove before it causes more damage. Make sure the cables are clean. Any debris should be removed, and lubricants can attract dirt. This can lead to future trouble with the cables.

If you find that the garage door is broken leave the door alone and call a professional garage door repair service. If you mess with the door or try to open or close it, the door will become damaged and may lead to a more expensive repair. Leave the repairs to the professionals, so you do not get hurt. Luckily, professionals are just a click away at RDWD. Give them a call about any garage repair question, or check out their selection of new garage doors.

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