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Scam Story: Garage Door Repair Nightmares

Updated: May 12, 2021

There are some companies these days that are lying to customers. “Garage door services” is a topic that is being discussed in many articles, industry publications, and Dallas Morning News. However, Google is using all means possible to shut down the websites of the scam companies.

It is true to say that there are those experiences in life that we try our best to avoid, but we end up getting caught in them. Last week, I happened to be a victim of such an experience when I was helping my friend get his garage door fixed. I got connected with a scam company that I would have avoided if I had decided to run through online research.

Every house owner knows that it is normal for a garage door to fail. A garage door only has a few components. A door is one of those major components. It is usually supported by a set of rollers in a track. To open and close, the garage door must have a set of torsion springs, cables, drums and the garage door opener. It is difficult for the garage door to open if one of the torsion springs is broken. The garage door springs last from 10,000 to 20,000 cycles.

Replacing the torsion springs of your garage door by yourself is possible. However, it is advisable to hire a technician to do the job for you instead of wasting a lot of time looking for the springs and the right tools. Finding the right person to do the job has become very difficult because of the many fake and dishonest companies in this industry.

As we were trying to fix my friend’s garage door, we called a company, “company A” whose number was on a sticker inside the garage door. My call was supposed to be sent to 972, Dallas area code. However, it was transferred to a national call center. It was a sign I chose to ignore. We had a Thanksgiving the previous night, and I scheduled an appointment with the repair company later in the afternoon.

I informed the person on the other end that I had a broken torsion spring on the metal garage door which had a size of sixteen by seven inches. I requested to know how much they would charge to replace the torsion springs. The person claimed that they would not provide that information over the phone. If I was wise enough, I would have politely ended the phone call and looked for another company. A good garage door repair company with an excellent reputation is always ready to provide customers with a price estimate of the services they offer over the phone.

In the early part of the morning, I had called the garage door repair company “company B” I had previously used at my house, but they were closed because of the Thanksgiving holiday. The owner of the company had, however, called me in the day, but I informed him that I had found another company to help me. He asked several questions and further alerted me that if the company I had chosen asked for an extra two hundred and fifty dollars, it was not a good company. My instincts told me to cancel the appointment I had scheduled with company A, but I ignored them.

The repairman for “Company A” arrived at the house on time. He was also very polite. The repairman looked at the door springs and started adding up how much the repair would cost. This man quoted prices for ninety days, two years and even lifetime rated springs. I started getting suspicious, and I discovered that I was dealing with the wrong company.

I asked the person to write down the estimate for me. He would charge 443 dollars for a 90-day spring. He requested to inspect all the components of the garage door after which he claimed that the door drums, cables, rollers, and springs were damaged. I paid the service charge of fifty dollars for company A and sent him away. Company B came and replaced the springs and the rollers because all the other components were in excellent condition.

How to avoid these mistakes

Know your garage door

You should know how tall or wide your garage door is and whether it is made of metal or wood. Conducting a regular inspection is also very helpful. Noticing a broken torsion spring is easy. If a spring is broken, you will see that one of the two dark coils above your door is separated. There is a drum above each corner of the door with a cable running over it. If the drum grooves are smooth, they should be replaced immediately. Damaged wires or rollers that are more than five years old should be replaced.

Get an estimate

Knowing all the components of the garage door will give you the ability to describe how dangerous the situation is. The estimated price provided by the repair company should be based on the information you give them. Request the company to email you the bid so that you can have the estimate in written form.

Always choose local repair companies

It is advisable to always hang up on a number if it transfers you to a national call center. The best companies are those that are local and are listed with the BBB. Run quick research on the internet so that you get all the information you need about the company you have contacted.

Avoid companies that offer a lifetime warranty on springs

Companies that provide lifetime springs or lifetime warranty on springs are not genuine. No spring can last forever. Garage door springs are almost similar to the regular springs. However, most scam companies will charge you double the price you would have paid for the natural spring. Anytime the spring gets broken, they will install a free spring but charge you an installation fee.


Sometimes we lose our precious time and money because of failing to trust our instincts. It is possible to find garage door repair companies that charge less money but have done several jobs for you and you have been contented with their work, such as Company A”. Any homeowner in Dallas or Fort Worth area should choose such a company. Report any scam companies so that the right actions are taken.

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