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Things To DO In Red Deer This Weekend

Updated: May 12, 2021

These days, there are very many distractions in the world; some of them even affecting our families. Parents and children no longer spend time together. Parents do not spare their time to interact with their children without any distractions. Family time is significant for a child’s development. Family time is free and does not require the purchase of a new game or toy. The list of the free and fun things a parent can do with their children during family time is endless.

Parents are advised to spare at least an hour every day and spend it with their children. At this time, the cell phones should be put away, the TVs, the music, the game systems and the noise should be turned off. The parent could behave like a child; get on the floor, play puzzles, cars, collect empty boxes and do anything the kid decides upon. Taking a walk outside and counting the number of different sounds you hear is also an excellent idea. Parents should avoid any distractions when doing all these activities. The time spent with your child is not like a toy; it cannot be replaced.

The following are the places that you and your children should not miss out in Red Deer.


In this center, you can enjoy exploring the bird watching areas and the new outdoor instrument playground. You could also decide to follow the hiking trails in the wooded areas.


Visit the horses and take rides with your kid. You need to pay a small fee. Fishing in the ponds is also an enjoyable activity you can do on this ranch.


Here, you will have fun feeding the chicken and enjoying the wagon rides.

Rotary Park

You only need to book a picnic shelter and enjoy barbecue together with your family.

Kin Kanyon

There are very cool hiking trails and playground where you can enjoy your packed picnic lunch.

Red Deer Public Library

In this library, children get free membership while the older kids can enjoy a teens night at the Mezz.

Bower Ponds

The activities that you can do here are; walking on the trails, enjoying the playground and renting a paddle boat.

Red Deer Spray Park

During the hot summer, this is the best place to swim.

Red Deer Museum

Here, parents and children are taught about the history and culture of Red Deer and the surrounding areas.

Fort Normandeau

In this place, you will learn where Red Deer was born and the original position of the gateway between the Northern and the Southern Alberta.

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